Friday, December 20, 2013

Fly on the wall: December

Karen's brainchild, my family. You are officially a fly on my wall...
Don't forget to check out all the other fabulous walls, I hear some of them bring food- or recipes at least...

Who we are...
Me- Fat Amy (Duncan)
R-A 15 year old teen girl.
K-An 11 year old girl
G-A 10 year old boy
Griff-7year old boy
Cam Diddy-5 year old boy
Carter-7 month old girl

We have been battling illnesses and ridiculous schedules so it may be a little lame...well, lame for my house...

We hosted Thanksgiving, it turned out fine. Except the hubs decided to put the turkey carcass in the garage fridge. Well, I wasn't privy to this information and found it a week later when I went to put a gallon of milk out there. Cam Diddy thought  there was a robber in the garage and brought a broom out to protect me.

Carter had her first ear infection. She didn't handle the antibiotics well. If you feel the need to know more about her crap crusade scroll down a little further. At the very least it will help out your diet.

R has a thing about bad friend choices. This extends to boyfriend choices. It may have been mentioned that a certain friend choice was a one way ticket to the Maury  Show.

The insurance company overturned their denial, so Carter is getting the RSV shots. A HUGE relief.

That being said, I took Carter out in public, real public- not an outside baseball game or hiding in a corner not fully being able to see a kid's game. I got to sit at a restaurant for G's 10th birthday. It felt so weird. The last time I have been in real public was in March before the whole hospital bedrest/preemie shenanigan began.

Carter was cleared by the Opthamologist, her few little issue from being a preemie cleared up on their own!

Cam told me a joke. He informed me that he was going to tell his Grandma (mil) but he was going to tell her it was my joke and see if she liked it first. And if she likes it he was going to tell her it was his, if not "well", and he shrugged shoulders.

Took Carter for a re-check on her ear, and turned out that the antibiotics didn't work and she had an ear infection in the other ear too. But the NP was shocked that she was ten weeks early because of how big she was. 14 pounds even... 10 pounds and 10 ounces bigger.

Carter started smacking her lips to blow a kiss and holding her arms out to be held. And accidentally threw a Ma in with her jabbering. 

Now if she could mix in a little roll over or sitting up...

R finally made a club volleyball team. After so many try outs and a couple of alternate positions she made a team. A team that ranked a lot higher than the others and that I didn't think she had a chance in uhem in making...

I have been trying to convince R that courtship and purity is what we believe in, it's not working. My goal is to keep her from getting knocked up, locked up or turnt up while she is under my roof. If anyone has any suggestions....

K is about to turn 12, somehow the kid lost count because the kid's attitude is like she is 16...

You can see the floor of my closet... It's been a while.

I have been spending lots of time in the boys bathroom steaming Carter, I never realized how nasty those boyd were. Seriously, it's like they squat off the sink to poop in the toilet. I am about 15 seconds from making them squat on the sink to measure and test projectory to figure out which nasty is doing it... Thank God for Clorox wipes.

My chiropractor asked about my mucous plug....

5 days til Christmas and 5% of my shopping is done... 

It snowed here, we live on the corner of a main road and a big subdivision, we get to see all the action. Sobriety tests, car searches and best of all cars sliding in the snow. So the kids and I came up with this game. It's called clean or dirty, the condition of their trousers after their slide...

Go visit the rest of the gals listed below, they won't disappoint....


  1. Your family is NEVER lame.

    I'm SO coming over your house, I need to play a round of "clean or dirty". And see Cupcake blowing a kiss!

  2. Where to start? So many interesting snippets here. I keep going back to R, though. 14 and 15 is a tough age for girls...and moms. Hopefully the volleyball team will give her a focus that doesn't involve bad influences. Good luck, Mom! And I can totally relate to the turkey carcass thing. Mine got put out in the cold fruit room (temporarily) and resided there for...well...I won't say how long. In all fairness, it's really cold out there. But still. I really DID plan on making stock out of it. Uh huh. Every year, same scenario. Love that you get your entertainment right out your own window. Too funny!

  3. Winters with a preemie. ugh! My last two were 8 and 8 1/2 weeks early. Scary but years later you'd never know they struggled.
    We've got plenty of that teenage girl thing going on around here too. If I stumble upon the secret, I'll pass it along.
    May the shopping be swift and Christmas merry!

    1. Someone needs to figure it out! It is Christmas Eve and I am still not done. I am thinking about just handing out cash...

  4. Your little Carter is a genius! Blowing kisses already. Ooh, I love that age.
    I want to live in a place where we can play "Clean or Dirty". I think you should do a weekly tally during the holidays.
    Two questions. What did you say to the mucus plug question and how on Earth can you see your closet floor? Spill!
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

    1. I just kind of looked at him. Here is the thing. He is gorgeous, like holy shit that happens in real life gorgeous. You can't talk about something like that. Granted it was about his wife that was 9 hundred months pregnant and probably twice as gorgeous as him, but I just couldn't...
      With the closet, same amount of crap I just put it in bins. Unoriginal, I know. But they are all torn to hell so I guess its not that bad :)

  5. Boy, you have a lot going on! Still have 95% of your shopping to do, yet you appear pretty calm. I think you should send R out to do the shopping ;)

    1. R is what you would call high maintainence. It would be all name brand stuff and we would be able to get about a half of a sock per kid. But I like how you think...

  6. Carter sounds adorable. I don't miss the sleepless nights but I sure do miss all those beautiful baby "firsts."

    1. Marcia, she is beyond adorable. She is a little shit too. She has this separation anxiety that I too think is adorable. The babysitters for these Christmas excursions do not...

  7. Sounds like Carter is doing well, great news. I just did my shopping yesterday, had to wait on pay. Normally I'm done around the first of November.

    1. I am always last minute. Walgreens is usually my store of choice, or the only choice...whatevs :)

  8. omg your comments about your kids and the toilet had me rolling! What is it, really? why can't they go and not get it everywhere? It's like they're involved in a dare to see who can get the most outside the water. GAH.

    Awesome FOTW. You have a ton going on!! Wow. Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Can't believe your chiro asked about your mucous plug....awkward...haha

    1. I know. Yesterday they really hit the mark because I found a turd in the shower...