Friday, November 29, 2013

Preemie Stories: Audrey Rayne

Gabriela is sharing her daughter Audrey's story. Just like my Carter, her daughter was born 10 weeks early. Sit back, grab some tissues and watch her little miracle unfold....

My daughter Audrey Rayne was born Wednesday July 17,2013 at 30 weeks weighing 2lbs 3oz (990g) and was 13 1/4 inches long. I went in for a regular check up feeling totally fine come to find that I apparently was not. My blood pressure was extremely high(triple digits on too and bottom). I had suffered from high blood pressure before my pregnancy but had discontinued my medicine for my daughters health and had gone through it with no concern. That morning my blood pressure had my doctor very worried and he immediately sent me to labor and delivery for blood work and a sonogram since my daughter felt small. Once down there a sweet nurse took me to a room since everyone else just had me sitting there waiting and she could see how worried I was. She hooked me and the baby up to a monitor and went ahead and took blood. After hooking us up to the monitor she soon realized my daughters heart rate was dropping and she was in distress as well and I was apparently having contractions. My doctor soon came down and told me "I have to get this baby out now or else she won't make it" I freaked out and began crying. Everything I thought I knew went out the window. My hopes for a natural birth, my entire birth plan, my shower, our homecoming, first holidays, everything changed in that instant, I was prepped for my emergency c-section and before I knew it my doctor was slicing my body open to save my daughters life. Then it happens. I hear this tiny kitty cat cry and I begin crying more because she was ALIVE! I was so scared that she wouldn't be alive that I wouldn't hear her cry and I did. She was brought to me after being wrapped for a quick kiss then rushed away to the NICU. My fiancé went with her and my doctor started telling me what happened and what was going to happen. He sat down my my head and said there was a small tear in your placenta and a very tight knot in the umbilical cord that was not allowing her to receive nutrients, then the nurse shows me the umbilical cord, and he tells me she's extremely small and if she doesn't meet the weight requirement she will have to be transferred to a different hospital. I go to recovery and hear nothing and don't see my daughter for several hours until my fiancé finally comes to show me pictures and tells me how feisty she is. I can't help but be happy knowing she's going to be leaving me and be in the hospital for a while. He knew she was going to get transported but didn't want to be the one to break my heart so he waited for a nurse to tell me. I finally get moved to a room and wait several hours until a transport team wheels my daughter into my room in this huge incubator to discuss the details if her transport. I heard them but only to an extent. I could not stop crying and staring at this tiny beautiful baby. They finish giving me details and it feels like the moment last so briefly because they take my daughter away and I don't get to see her aside from pictures until 5 days later when I am released. She was breathing on her own but was put on oxygen for 3 days to ensure she would maintain it. After 65 long days in the NICU my princess finally came home on September 20th 3 days before her due date. She is now a happy healthy 4 month old and at home thriving. It's amazing how far she's come.

Audrey Rayne's first pic
Audrey Rayne's first night in a crib

Audrey Rayne going home!
Look at that little cutie!

Preemie Power!


  1. You are so lucky to have that beautiful little girl in your life.

  2. She's so tiny! My daughter was 10.5 pounds, so I would be terrified to hold someone as small as her! I'm glad to hear she's doing well!