Monday, April 15, 2013


I went to my very first blogger event. I was so excited. We went to Nadoz. I had never been there before or heard of the place, that my friends is a big mistake, the food and people are AMAZING.

I had a little bump in the road getting there. My GPS took me down the wrong road. I had a little issue and got stuck. Look away law enforcement. I had to drive through a small field on Brentwood Blvd because I couldn't back out..Shhh don't tell the hubs, but this is what I did to his car... Whoopsies.

When we arrived I met Lindsay from Itz Linz. She is such a cute sweet tiny little thing. You can totally tell she lives what she writes. I met Genevieve from Citymom she is a nice gal and mom with a really sweet mellow voice and really enthusiastic about the city. Her site is about city living and she has fun events posted on her site.

Robyn from Robyn's World kept a big friendly smile on her face and was a lot of fun too. Janice was a nice lady too. Among all the others I met.

Enough about the peeps, let's talk food. I am blunt. I will not under any circumstance tell you something I don't believe. Now that that is out there. That day I had THE BEST DAMN chicken salad sandwich I have ever tasted. I don't know what it was, chicken salad is a take it or leave it kind of thing in my book, but seriously that is not a good thing to start on when you are pregnant. I have tried for weeks to find another one that came close and there is no competition.

Nadoz has a juice bar, I'm not a huge fan of plain juice but this was good, not too sweet and actually tasted like fruit not a syrupy version of a fruit flavored kool-aide. I'm not a health nut so I have no idea why crushing fruit and veggies and putting them in a glass is such a big deal and if I were a better blogger and person I may try my hand at google, but I am not.

They had this quinoa, with corn and veggies that was cold. Not being a coneseur of quinoa I wondered why my oatmeal was cold and had vegetables in it. Being the good sport I am, I gave it a whirl. It was pretty good. I was honestly surprised.

They said to take leftovers, shhh I kind of already had, in my purse all covert and ninja like. So I took more. I brought some lemony seedy muffins home thinking the kids wouldn't touch them. I wish I had taken a picture because my kids loved them so much they had licked, literally, the table and the floor clean. I figured all was good since the food was made all organically the benefit outweighed the risk of the filthy floor. Looking back maybe that was a little questionable, maybe it wasn't- feel free to NOT chime in on that :)

The owners were funny and nice. Not just oh I'm writing about them on my blog and they did just give me a free meal nice. I would be willing to sit on a patio and have a few beers with them kind of awesome. The ninja chef Chris. Wow. He not only can cook but he looks pretty damn yummy too. I'm thinking they need to do a shirtless chef Thursday and have wine and appys for the ladies, just kidding- yeah I really wasn't.

They have a monthly thing where they do dinner and wine pairings for forty or fifty bucks, a few courses and lots of fun. As soon as I shoot this kid out my nethers my ass is there.

I told the hubs about the place, he used to work in the big building next door, he was pissed I didn't take him. He said they had the best Turkey and Cheddar sandwich ever. The man is THE pickiest bastard you will ever meet. I have never seen a grown ass man bitch and moan like a kindergartener being served fish sticks on pizza day over a perfectly fine meal. So if that man will give you a best sandwich ever, you can have full faith that that sandwich will be the best damn sandwich you have ever tasted...

Overall it's a cafe, juice bar and wine bar that everything even the sauces and condiments are handmade with top shelf ingredients. I know I shouldn't have teased ya with top shelf. Now you're thinking about the Grey Goose or something else, I'm not a liquor whore so I really don't know the good stuff. But I guess it's more like Panera is to Aldi as Nadoz is to Whole Foods kind of comparison.


  1. Great post Ashley - you crack me up! And I agree, shirtless Chef days would be nice!

    1. You know I would have a hard time passing it up myself... Especially of they had a limo driver on call, that would be the perfect bachelorette party or birthday party. I just gave them a few free marketing pitches...they are welcome!

  2. Glad you had a good time AND good food!

  3. Haha you are seriously hilarious!! So funny!! Great to meet you, girl! :) :)

  4. I've been wondering how you're pregnancy is going? Last I heard, you were having some problems and were on bedrest?

  5. On hospital bedrest now, it wound up being chronic abruptions, so far happening at least once a week, usually every few days. I'm stuck in the hospital until I deliver. Thanks for asking :)

    1. I was getting ready to ask you the same question. Sending many positive thoughts your way. Maybe you can spend the time crocheting doilies or kleenex box covers. Or tatting. THERE'S a lost art.