Monday, October 1, 2012

My first secret admirer...

My first secret admirer...sort of. I am in a Fall Fun Swap with some other amazeball bloggers. So they send you something secretly and you figure out who sent it to you... So I received this
                                                                                                hand sanitizers, candles, and lotions
I was trying to figure out how to blog about this, until my life took over...
It started with this....

That is 5 rubbing my feet

                                     Went to this....
Yes, 2 took it upon herself to pluck my leg hair...
I know I am such a lucky mom...
Which inevitably turned to this
Which this stuff tasted like shit.
A rotten grape found in my stench ass
car and soaked in denatured alcohol

                                     So this turned
                                     into my future...

Which then I couldn't swallow and caused me to spit rank assed        wine out my nose. We all know nose spewed wine is
unsanitary so then the hand sanitizer came in handy..

All in all this was a wonderful gift, and it was enjoyed thank you!!! Here are the links of the women I can choose from... Who wants to go blog stalking tonight say around 9-ish, I will have a beer in hand and we can tweet our thoughts :)

Here are the contenders...
Pocketful of Joules    My Brain on Kids     B(itch)log   Diapers...Or Wine   Words for Worms
Chewylicious   Life's too Short to Play Possum    Quirky Chrissy


  1. Hand sanitizers...candles...sounds like someone who thinks your dirty...and stinky. Might be a conspiracy...probably all of them got together and sent it and now will drive you crazy while you try to pick just one!

  2. Ha! I forgot to put the pic of the card! She said it was spa-ish!!! And that she is not crafty at all!

  3. That is hilarious!! Loooove the pictures! I have to get on this....husband is off until tomorrow, Wednesday it is:) Why can i not get crap done when he is home, bless his heart.

  4. i am down to Quirky Chrissy or Words for Worms, simply based on location of where the package came from... Unless these smart bitches had someone send it from a different location for them.... alright i may be back at square 1...

  5. Nice gift, and some nice pampering!

  6. Oooh you're tricky with the location scouting. I'm totally making it easy for my person with location specific items. =)

  7. Can you send someone over to pluck my eyebrows for me? Seriously, I am dangerous on my own. It's so hard to decide who sent it. I think Quirky Chrissy might have sent it, but it might not be quirky enough. I don't know about Words for Worms either though because it's not really literary enough. This is tough. It's fun though!

  8. Still on the fence, the card was long and welll written, not that I think quirky Chrissy can't write I'm just leaning more toward a big reader, words for worms?
    And yes that kid is a plucker, I don't sit down she keeps a pair in her pocket and plucks people when they sleep- I hope to never piss that child up or I could wake up without eyebrows

  9. This looks like so much fun! And looks like you got quite a night of pampering ;)

  10. I just participated in a Fall swap, too, I need to blog about it still, tho! I got some pretty nice things.

  11. That is FREAKIN' AWESOME! I loved what you did ahahaha you are a lucky mom!! I hope my kids are gonna be just as awesome! So glad you were able to relax ps. you look GORGEOUS for having 5 kids! >.< goooo YOU!