Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ketchup with us...3

In 57 words or less, tell a story about you getting your hand caught in the cookie jar... Here goes:

It was there staring at me.
It knew I wanted it, just a feel.
Could have been the alcohol's appeal?
Or that it was sitting upon a pimp's knee.

There was no restrain,
when I rubbed that pimp's cane.
The look on his face told me
that I should have restrained.

I got liquored up and rubbed a pimp's cane.
It was magical until the glares came..

Ok it was more that 57, but I tried!


  1. Hahaha!!!! I didn't even think of anyone taking it THAT way... Uhmmmm leave it to a tornado to pull that one out :) his cane was leopard print, leopard I could not resist. It was so shiny even in crap bar lighting. It just had to be done...

  2. Actyally, I took it the same way Karen did! My bad!

  3. Um, that's totally what I thought, too. Or at least it was the funny place my brain went.

    Sorry you missed it. Check back in with us on October 15 for the next Ketchup With Us link-up. Thanks for playing!

  4. Hi! Thanks for linking up. We hope to see you back on the 15th! :)

  5. OMG, hahahaha! You are hysterical! I didn't even think about what Karen said, but that is so funny!