Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday morning convo turns Sex Ed...

The kids and hubs were laying in bed, I'm in the closet getting clothes. Someone noticed 4 was naked, why it was a surprise is to everyone is beyond me. I guess sleeping in the buff is highly inappropriate, but daytime nudeness is normal? You wonder why I don't have kid pics? It's hard to catch a pic sans bare ass in my house. Anyway convo goes like this...

Hubs: it's ok I sleep naked too sometimes.

Kids: what?!? Why?

Hubs: I probably shouldn't, it's not safe when you sleep with mom, one of her long ass hairs might get wrapped around it..

3: around your winkie?

Hubs: or your sack...

3: what's that?

Hubs: well there are two parts. The sack is where your baby maker is and your wink is for peeing.

3: so I am going to have 2 kids?

Hubs: I guess

3: so you are going to have 2 more kids, you had 7 in there?

Me: all right I've heard enough about wanks and junks, we're done here.

The whole time 4 is laughing taking in all this information more than likely to teach his kindergarten class tomorrow. So if your kid comes home tomorrow with questions about sacks and weens, blame the hubs..

I had no problem talking with the girls about this type of stuff but I'm thinking I'm sitting the boy talk out. Maybe I shouldn't the hubs has them thinking after their balls are gone from having two kids its automatic castration...


  1. Loved this post. Very typical of a lot of conversations in my house.

  2. I really want to be a fly on the wall when your husband gives them the talk!

  3. That would definitely be a conversation worth hearing--sounds very educational ;)

  4. well, at least now I know how to lead the sex talk with my boys!! :D

  5. lmao! well it's gonna come out sooner or later lol