Friday, September 28, 2012

My daughter's guest post...

So the kid thought she needed to write a post on my blog. Here ya go folks, from the mouth of a 14 year old girl. Consider yourself warned....

Today my mom woke up early to see if my books came in, so I woke up early to.  After the kids went to school she let me give her a makeover.  I thought I did a good fricken job!! I mean, it might have looked like she had a black eye, but it just gave her character.  The makeover went fabolous, so I thought!  Well now my mom is beautiful, now that she let the pro do her makeup!  So after I did her makeup, she went on to tell me how gorgeous I was, and how much she loves me..and how I have always been her secret favorite.  Which I totally saw coming..I mean common! Look at me(;  I am the dream child.  Well I think I finally got her to admit that the only reason that she had more kids was because she wanted one just like me, but it was a huge disapointment with the next 3 kids.  Finally, when she was pregnant with my "baby" brother, she prayed everynight that he would be just like me.  Well her prayers were answered!  She got another perfect child.  
After that conversation, I told her about how mean girls are to eachother, and started reading her some comments from girls on facebook being just straight up RUDE to eachother.  She told me that if me and the girl that I don't really like (we have been fighting sinse the begining of 6th grade) joined forces, then she would be scared of us.  She told me that if we were friends, then the entire school would be under our control.  Which is totally true.  You see, we are the nicest people on Earth until you make us mad.  When we get mad, it means war.  We would both knock down a brick wall just to get even.  We probably wouldn't be fighting anymore, but neither of us back down to anyone.  Which is why we should be friends.  We could take over the world..and break this girl's face..I mean, really who starts something on facebook about a joke? Well I got really mad when I saw most of the things she was saying.  It was rude.  Nobody should make fun of someone based ont here religion, and what they look like!  I mean it's rude.  
Well this was all my mom's idea.  And half of these words are probably spelled wrong, so yeah.  I know what you guys are thinking..I AM WAY FUNNIER THAN MY MOM!! and way more awesome!! (:

And she doesn't think she needs to take spelling. Ha! Look what I have to live with...That's ok I love her!


  1. So funny. She definitly has your flare. Amazing she can write!! Mine still are learning the alphabet. They really grow up!

  2. Her spelling is horrid. I told her I wasn't going to fix anything, she said she didn't care. She is almost too much like me, probably why she wants to be my best friend- the kid rarely leaves my side unless I put her to work or a friend wants her over. If her friends are here they follow me around too, it weird- and annoying

  3. The acorn did not fall far from the tree!

  4. She's hysterical! I think she needs to guest post more often :)

  5. haha, I love it! Sounds JUST like me when I was that age, except I did not have her confidence :-)

    1. It is past the point of confidence. The kid takes pictures of herself 2 or 3 times per day, on my phone...

  6. Are you sure you didn't miscalculate the date of her birth and she is actually 18???? She already has some mad writing skills---sign her up and get that teen blog going!!!!

  7. If she was 18 I would have been under 10 when I gave birth, obviously possible but I wasn't thinking about boys then (Thank God)!!!

  8. wow! She does have pizazz!!! Watch out, world!!!