Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I did my first Guest Post!

Today my first guest post is over at Life on Peanut Layne. I am so excited. It is another installment in her soccer series. The people of Saturday morning soccer. It's fun! Run. Go.Check. Click on the link and enjoy with a beverage of choice. Coffee, tea, diet coke or something in a glass bottle, all are welcome!


  1. Loved it. Absolutely adore your honesty and frank assessment!! My kind of mom! Oh, and I want to hear more about this Schnuck's incident.

    1. Ok at the time I had 2 girls and preg w my oldest son. Second girl had severe sensory processing issues and would have a panic attack anytime an overweight person came near her. A 400 pound plus lady came behind us in line and she started freaking out, she was 2 and couldn't talk so she screamed and was trying to escape the cart to run away. I was trying to get my groceries onto the belt and this lady wouldn't shut up about the bratty kid infront of her to her friend. I gave her a look and it didn't suffice so i sat on the belt grabbed the microphone and said price check on the fatass behind me bring the crane scale... She was not happy, I was asked to leave without my groceries and told to go to a different store... Yes I was a bitch I know...

  2. I'm so not looking forward to this part of having kids. I have enough issues with our friends' kids. So do you coach the soccer or the t-ball you were telling me about?