Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner Out with a side of Jerry McGuire...

Last night the fam and I went out to dinner. Well Number 2, 5th grade, signed up to work a shift at Culver's, I don't know who the Hell okay'd that shit, but whatevs. The kids were pretty good, considering that they never get taken out to eat. Number 3, 3rd grade, felt the need to wear sunglasses and a hat inside the place, upon asking why he said " I gotta shield myself from the crazy peeps". Damn I knew I should've brought  my hat and sunglasses, sometimes kids have a higher brand of intelligence than we do.

So 2 was wiping the tables like a mad woman, wiping and re-wiping even if the table hadn't been occupied since the last time she wiped it. Someone came up and tried to give her a tip. She declined. The boys couldn't believe it! This is where the side of Jerry McGuire comes in..

3: You gotta say it Jerry

5: Show you the money

3: Come on Jerry say it with some heart


3: Say it again Jerry

5: SHOW!!! ME!!! THE!!! MONEY!!!

4: SHOW ME THE MONEY, bitches

3: Alright Jerry, your in.

The 3 boys break out in dance...

The majority of the restaurant was entertained, there was a couple in the corner not so much. As far as I am concerned free entertainment at a charity event for a school should involve at least live music or a skit of some sorts. It's only fair that way...


  1. There is always at least one cranky couple in the restaurant that thinks kids don't belong in restaurants and should be kept home until their 18th birthday. You have cool kids! They sound like they are funny and very entertaining.

  2. Ahhaha sound so adorable! Love it!!

  3. I may have tipped THEM! Cool kids!