Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Idol 2012..

I have decided to try out for the Blog Idol 2012 contest. Chances are my awesomeness will be overlooked, but ya can't blame a bitch for trying! The auditions are 200-500 words about you and why you should win. I found this insanely difficult. I am much more than 500 words peeps. I am an entire novel, just kidding. I tried out anyway mainly for shits and giggles. I want that Samsung Galaxy tab. Here I am supposed to encourage you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And if ya really want to be a peach go ahead and vote for me. Even though my audition was less than sub par.

Oh I wanted to throw this in. I wrote a little ditty about bloghole's. My little friend the B(itch)log decided to add the definition into Urban Dictionary. I love her. I am going to make a shirt that says.


Look it up mothafuckas!!

The only place I really go is to school functions. I will let you know how this goes over!

My audition:

Humor can transform life from a living hell into something fit for reality T.V. Mine of course, would be the MTV version. I have five relentlessly wild children and my early emerging laugh lines tell the story of how I live my life.

I truly believe that a good joke on yourself can build friendships that last a lifetime, even with people you never thought possible. When I got knocked up in high school, before the rumors ran like wildfire I made a sign that said "busted by the bean", and taped it to my stomach. Instead of hate there was laughter. I had to get glasses that closely resembled Mama on Mama's family, I chose to do a skit in the talent show. The laughs of a  group of children acting out a television show completely dispersed the insanity of childhood bullying.

There have been times (many) when my kids do ridiculous things. I truly believe they have a daily morning meeting plotting their overtake of my sanity. For instance, the time my child decided it would be a fantastic idea to pull a fire alarm in church and soaked the congregation. I yelled out "Jesus has saved" and left. The stories turned from a bratty kid to how hilarious the event was. Can you see my rebellion of the sanity take over?

I enjoy sharing my life with my internet friends. If something is embarrassing like say, finding a turd in my hair or when one of the shorts decide to video tape my endeavors of fetching toys off the roof I am game to share. Generally speaking, my life can be compared to a pint-sized frat party and blogging is the only place for some of us to fit in and share the ridiculousness we call life.

I am extremely sarcastic, and see life a lot differently than most stay at home parents. I would love to share the wealth of knowledge and entertain along the way. Who wouldn't want to read a reality show about life they can relate a little bit to?

I am crazy and funny. I even got a priest to forgive me for rubbing the head of a bald statue in church. I told him "everybody needs a little luck sometimes". He quickly chuckled and retrieved a little luck himself. Don't you want to hang out with me on the internet yet?

I am real and an awesome time. Keep me around a bit, I won't disappoint! I do prefer the Paula Abdul of judges, maybe a little standing ovation for effort, peeps?


  1. Hahaha I would TOTALLY wear that shirt! And I am off to vote for you now!

  2. Can't wait to hear how that shirt goes over. LOL!

  3. Well done! The whole contest would have been lackluster without your punk ass all up in it!

  4. Haha! I think it sucks... It's hard to explain yourself with very few words or pictures... Go vote!

  5. Good luck. Scratch that, you don't need luck. You need judges who aren't robots. It was great from beginning to end!

    1. Thank you! They probably thought I wasn't being serious... They can poll my Personal Facebook page, they can see that all is true! Yes folks, I am that ridiculous... I'm just glad I haven't been committed yet

    2. Thank you! They probably thought I wasn't being serious... They can poll my Personal Facebook page, they can see that all is true! Yes folks, I am that ridiculous... I'm just glad I haven't been committed yet

  6. A mother after my own heart. Go girl! I'm voting!

  7. I had no idea regular people could enter words into the Urban dictionary. I cannot wait to start doing that. I think I want a T-shirt too.

    Your Blogger Idol audition was excellent!

  8. Hey! I've decided to pass the Liebster Award on to you. You probably know about it already, but if you don't, it's bloggers showing appreciation for each other's work. I just was given this for my blog, The Travelin-gineer. So, if you're into it, check my post and link back on your page.