Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You never said I couldn't write it...

Dear lady at baseball game,
Every time your hoosier ass touches my kid I want to puke. Please refrain from touching, looking, smelling, or thinking about touching my kid I don't have time to bleach the gingivitis off him. Thank you

The coach (hubs) of my son's baseball team said I couldn't say anything to this lady, but he sure as hell didn't say I couldn't write it. There are very few people I meet that I can't get along with. Unless they say or do something to me first, we are cool. I try really hard to like this lady, I really do I just can't.

Here is the reasoning for my extreme dislike of this lady:
Her kid 2 years older than mine (number4) always picks on my kid during the games. I know above all 4 is a little shit so I watch him closely. She won't let him through on the playground without a "secret password" and stares him down. I say in general to all the kids "let's play nice". 

She comes up to me and says he said a bad word. I heard, he said stupid. Stupid is not a bad word, shit or asshole is a bad word. Maybe an f bomb. Stupid is definitely not a bad word. She is 7 years old, her parents are out-right hoosiers- starting fights at games over nothing, cussing in front of the kids and saying words I choose not to say on here because I would rather not have an adult content pop up. Again, stupid is not a bad word.

One time she was running over and "accidentally sliding" to get dirt into 4's face and did it numerous times. The last time my kid threw dirt at her. The girl's mom yelled at my kid and said if he did it again she is gonna whoop his ass. Number 1 NO. Number 2, who says whoop anymore? So 90's.. Number 3, Your kid started it.  Number 4, NO.

I don't believe in whooping kids ass's. I just don't. I am not going to say I have never spanked my kids because that's a lie. But it is a last resort, without a doubt. But to spank someone else's kid, never.

I walked over and said she will not be talking to my kid like that when she has her own sneaky little bratty-assed bully to deal with.  I know I know, I should never call a kid that, I never would to their face or within earshot. But honestly it was either bring out the words or my own can.  I went for words, I am better at that. She apologized, I informed her I wasn't wrong.

So my youngest, number 5, is the cutest damn kid on the planet. He is always happy and makes friends everywhere you go and cracks little jokes and has to die for facial expressions. Anyway. This lady picks him up and like kisses him. I literally got goosebumps and dry heeves. I looked at the hubs and he was staring me down. So I grabbed out my phone and posted it to my blog's Facebook page. I  know she "likes" my Facebook page, or one of her friends do because she asked me about it. Looks like I have one less follower... WHOOPS!
And by the way I count her in the asshole epidemic, because I made it up I can include who I want :)

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