Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wen...unpaid slightly censored review

So today I had the motivation to bathe. Well, I was forced into it because one of the short ones forgot their lunch. Obviously I can't walk in there looking like total shit. My friend uses Wen, she likes it. She thought I should try it, so she ordered a travel pack or something.

I tried Wen today. This is my unpaid, unasked for and slightly censored review.
So I soaked the locks and put a ton on my hands and rubbed it in my hair, added a ton more and again more. I read the directions, massage vigorously for 1-3 minutes. Okay? About two minutes in my arms were on fire and had to leave the tub because I smelled diaper cream. Shit! The kid is eating diaper cream? Again?  I am fairly certain I am on their recurring customers list at the Poison Control Center.

No one was eating or painting in ass cream ( totally makes you wan to run to the freezer for ice cream, right. You welcome for the dose of daily diet)  so I got back in and looked at the next step. Comb through hair. Yeah that shit isn't gonna happen. I couldn't tell you the last time I brushed my hair. Probably sometime between kid 2 and 3. I smelled it again. What the Hell?  I got back out and looked around. What the F is that smell?

I go back to the directions. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. I left the tub at least 3 more times. Again, what the Hell is that? And my head is burning! Back to the directions. Comb through and rinse thoroughly. You bet your ass I will rinse thoroughly my head is on fire. I checked the mirror to see if my hair was actually on fire, clear.

What the hell is that smell? I can't pinpoint it. It is almost like diaper cream with a little toothpaste and touch of vomit. What is it? Oh yeah, that would be my hair. Epic fail Chaz Dean. I would like to personally thank you for making my hair smell like a baby with a bitchin rash.

Not to mention my hair has an added hue of ashy blonde and looks like a drunk rat was attempting to build a home in this stringy mess on my head. Thanks Chaz Dean, now I have to comb my hair. Asshole.


  1. hahaahhaha. Sorry you had a sub-par (to say the least) experience, but really, thank you for writing this out.

  2. lol I have heard good and bad things about it but your review was by far the best. Good to know because my MIL asked if I wanted it for christmas. I'll make sure to tell her to keep it for herself!

  3. It truly feels. Like you are using hand lotion to wash your hair, you just can't get any more wrong than that

  4. Word. This stuff made my hair look crack-addict greasy and I couldn't stop scratching my hive-covered scalp for 10 days. Wen failure. But I have a friend that loves it, too.

  5. following u from the naptime review monday mom mingle thing.