Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trash, crooked cars and profanity

I had to take the trash out this morning. Some asshole thinks you can just make a car fit in an overstuffed garage by parking crooked. Are you fng kidding me?!? After 4 injuries to get to the trash can and trying to get the damn can over the car I decided to move the car but not before I took one of the cans down from the roof of the car.

Yep the top of the garage door knocked the disgusting trash can all over the garage. Obviously I don't function well before my daily dose of Diet Coke. This wouldn't have been a big deal if we didn't run out of trash bags halfway through the week. Not to mention that every week our house is the only one with 4 trash cans and some bags on the side, yes it appears we belong on an episode of hoarders every week.

I am not about to pack up 5 kids plus extras to go to the store for one thing. That's a waste of patience. So the 3 of the cans were filled with grocery bags, paper store bags, and old Christmas bags. Was the one knocked over filled with full sized trash bags? Of course not. Was the garage door left open for the world to see all my exercise equipment and unpacked items. Oh hell yes. I feel like my 30 minute workout of picking up heavy ass trash and the bending and profuse screaming of profanity was not only a workout but showed my neighborhood I am on the brink of insanity, maybe they won't send their kids to my house to play or ask me to take care of any of their shit while on vacay. I guess I accomplished 3 things today. Yay me.

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