Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ridiculousness award?

Removing the pine tar from the back patio has been nothing less than a suck fest.  Why my child found it appropriate to waller around in it like a puppy seeing the snow for the first time is beyone me.

I  used dishoap and to try  to scrub my anger out, clearly didn't work.  So I turned to Google. First Google was quite the little smart ass. It tried to correct my search by saying did you mean How to get C Diff?   Hmmm. thanks but not today... So I typed it in again: How to get pine tar out of concrete? Obviously there was not another person who's child poured pine tar on their patio and then bathed in it. I feel as though we should win a ridiculousness award or a gold medal for foolish behavior. That would almost make this whole fiasco worth it.

So I called Rawlings, and was transfered a considerable amout of times. Then I reached a lady. She asked I answered. The lady tried to put me on hold but I could hear the laughter before the button was pressed. Evidently this issue has never come up in the existance of the company. Again where is that award? After being on hold she told me to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get an industrial solvent. We had some here along with oven cleaner, grill degreaser, and baking soda. None of them of them had a chance against that badass pine tar.

The hubs idea is just to cover it with dirt and let it wear off.

If any of you were wondering why I haven't had anymore children in almost 4 years. It's obviously the pants. It must be God's punishment for ugly pajamas...

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