Monday, August 6, 2012

Piss hole:take one

Today was a bitch. I had 3 extras. One in particular pissed me off. He cuts my blinds, I didn't see it but the fact that he laughed and when he got up the scissors were under his ass gave me a clue.

He cut my blinds, my fucking blinds, yes, the shit that keeps the light out and the runners passing by from creeping inside. My blinds.

I was livid. I had to hold them together while number 1 lit the string on fire. I'm not sure if this was intentional but she lit my finger on fire. My kid lit me on fire. I'm fairly certain it was the paint leftover from the weekend helping my friend with her daughter's room. Either way my finger was on fire. I had to cover the burn marks on the blind string with craft paint. Yes my life is that sad. Yes I post it on the Internet.... Your welcome.

My finger literally had a black mark on it surrounding the leftover paint, thank god for the paint because there is minimal blistering and nastiness...

During this whole debacle the kids were using the piss hole. And yes my kids have dug a hole in the backyard designated for piss, mainly morning piss which is far worse. Keep the judgement incapsized in your brain. My self judgement is more than one can take.

The piss hole was full, one of the extras and mine were playing baseball in the back. Yes one of those little shits hit a ball into the piss hole and it splashed everywhere. In the middle of summer hundreds of degrees out. My backyard now smells like deep fried fermented piss...

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