Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mom, I just had to stop and stare her down

So the hubs is on vacation this week. He took the kids to Mobil for the 50 cent drinks. The man does not care what the kids wear. I have witnessed him come back from Walmart with a kid with only one shoe. His explanation, at least he had one. He has literally gotten a mismatched wrong sized shirt from the dirty laundry to put on a kid to take to a store. I do not understand this, he allows the kids to leave the house looking either homely or homeless, neither is attractive.

He also let's the kids act like total fools in a store. Have you seen that kid that rides the bike through Walmart shopping, only to leave it at the checkout? Yes he has done this. Want a new bat, let's grab a ball and test it IN THE FUCKING STORE. Really, so I wasn't surprised to hear that they were having races down the aisles of Mobil.

Four came up and was telling me how he fell in the gas station. "I was racing and the lady was watching me and I had to stop and stare her down and I turned and slipped." I gave him a look, I saw he was wearing his older sisters shirt, that was sporting a nice hole in it. He had on khaki shorts and two mismatched tennis shoes, one was the correct size and the other was on the wrong foot and it was mine. What the fuck was the man thinking? A kid looks good in a holey girl shirt and a woman shoe? And on top of that allow races. Not only does he appear to be half tran but an unruly little brat. Seriously the world can only take one at a time. I shook my head. Four took this that I didn't believe his story so he retold it "but mom, I HAD to stare her down. She just kept looking at me. She needs to know I saw her and didn't like it.( pisses off tone) And her shirt was ugly and she was a bad mopper her boss probably shouldn't pay her( totally hand talking and explanatory tone).

Ok bud I got it, you just couldn't help yourself, ugly shirted people can't look at you. I don't care for the uglies to watch me either. But for real wear your own shit to the store. And for god sakes don't dress like that in kindergarten. And races in store aisle were outlawed last week so you better stop that.

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