Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baseball around the world

My son and husband went to an international baseball tournament that was hosted by the athletic association my son plays in. I was so jealous. He saw a team of Chinese or Japanese kids. They were super excited about the bubbles he was blowing with his big league chew. There was a minor language barrier but the words big big big, were understandable. My son got a kick out of this. He being 8 thinks he made friends with someone from a foreign country. So he wants to know more about them.

I am so excited. I am fascinated by people from other countries. I am a true dork at heart. We watch the Olympics and google every country we play against. I am sure I am on a watch list somewhere, but I am just curious. I want to know everything about the people. I can't be the only people watching dork out there. But I took it too far. I have decided that we should learn another language, as a family. We should live like we are dirt poor and save up to go on a vacation where the language is spoken. The kids like the idea of traveling but prefer the advantages of cable, Internet and Christmas.

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