Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A story of my craftiness

My neighbor gave me an old bench. I'm guessing it was antique. It had brown stained wood and an almost periwinkle-ish fabric. It was good but I knew I could make it GREAT. So I tore it all apart, stabbing my hands with pliers and accidentally sitting on the tack strip that came off of it.

I decided I wanted the frame to be silver and I had some awesome fabric. So I painted it and recovered it.

On the seat part I realized it looked like a band of kindergarteners had stolen their moms staple gun and screwed with the furniture. So I decided to add some white upholstery tacks. That was an awesome idea, until the littles figured out how to remove the tacks with a butter knife. Obviously they are a little more crafty than me.

The back part was ok but it was lacking pizazz. I attempted making cording, but after sewing through it so many times I decided maybe a ruffle trim would work better. It goes to say the glue gun is far from friendly. No matter how quick your reflexes are you can never get a strip of hot glue off your hand fast enough.

This was done a few years ago and still to this day I love it. The kids helped out so the fabric is a little off grain and the tacks are severely uneven. But it's ours. We only do awesome- for the most part. Look at it, it's awesome.


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  2. How fun! I'm sure every time you look at it you remember all the fun in making it! I found you on the moms mingle