Monday, July 30, 2012

What pisses you most off as a parent?

I have a pic and a video below... The pic is of the boys closet that was clean several hours before. The video of them fighting I recorded to use as a teaching tool for how mean and hateful they were in hopes that they would stop fighting.

I'm not sure which scenario pisses me off more. The closet makes my blood boil. Really you need everything out of the dresser to see what you have? For fucking real. I kept my cool and made them re fold everything and put it away, that is a good 2 hours I will never get back. I am also very doubtful that kind of shit will be pulled again. I have also decided that the dresser has to be taken out of the closet because later that day I found 4 sitting on the blankets at the top of the closet. Hiding from 3 because 4 had pissed in his baseball glove.

The video pisses me off for one reason in particular. Can you guess?!? It could be the fighting, kind of. This house has a major drama event at any given moment. Seriously pint sized Jersey Shore every damn minute around here.
There are 5 of them and that means at least two of them are plotting each others demise, or just irritating the shit out of each other, IF I'm lucky- some days it's numerous incidences at the same time.

Could it be the 3 year old jumping on the couch saying "oh shit" repeatedly? Both stated offenses irritate me but not piss me off.

It might be the fact that I said enough, stop it and other things to stop this fight and they didn't listen. DING DING DING....

One of the few rules in the house is "listen the first time and remember for the next time". My kids walk around in their underwear all day, jump on couches, throw baseballs at the fireplace, etc. it doesn't bother me. I know kids fight and argue, I don't like it but it happens. They sometimes say bad words- I'm telling you if it's deragatory that's a major offense. They spill shit, make messes with toys, tear the cushions off the couch, make "creations" out of random crap laying around and have a GREAT time being a kid. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is fun watching them be kids, but the not listening and trashing a closet makes me crazy...

I am not in the business of beating the shit out of kids, I think spanking is pointless in many ways. I get Creative when it comes to parenting. I thought the video of them acting like fools would teach them something, no they just thought it was funny watching 5 say oh shit, while jumping and doing flips on the couch. I'm not sure why this didn't work, I thought I had this in the bag . Obviously not. I wonder what pisses other parents off the most and how they handle it. And any ideas on stopping the fighting are welcome- unless they involve beating:)

AND the video will not upload, but my explanation says it all

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