Thursday, July 26, 2012

Social media and teens

I have stated before I will make a public fool of myself in the name of my children. I do it all the time. You are bad in the store I will bust out a Justin Beiber tune along with ridiculous dancing and the worst singing I can muster up. So when I catch the teenager on Facebook, hiding her page and blocking me I can only assume there are several ways of shady going on. You don't need to the truth is game and you surely don't need to be speaking with the terms "imma and finna", use incorrect spelling or make a duck face and take a picture of it. So here is my reply to her "truth is game":

Truth is...Your ass has been caught, duck faced pictures look stupid, and don't get me started on bathroom mirror pics...I hope you like the new wardrobe I'm getting you- Duggar Style...please note that your mother is not a moron and no matter how many Facebook pages and email addresses you open...I WILL FIND THEM...I love you and I can't wait for the fashion show :)
I really hate social media for kids and teens. There is so much cyberbullying it is unbelievable, and with the ability to text, tweet, and Facebook the poor kids take it home with them and it makes the burden much worse. During a quick look at her page and some of her friend's pictures I was disgusted.

There were duck faced pictures- Hello sticking your lips out is far from sexy, it makes you look like you have premature wrinkles and your face got stuck in the pre-vomit posititon.
Bathroom mirror pictures piss me off to no end, really you look like you are posting an ad on Craigslist for the escort section. Bathroom lighting always sucks and the reflection from dirty mirror and the pile of dirty laundry in the background makes you look like a slob. That hairbrush filled with hair- you look like you belong on my wierd obsession for obtaining a hair collections- GROSS.

I do not know why early teenage girls need to wear clothes that cover less than an ensemble picked up from Victoria Secret and why the hell would you put a "69" on your stomach?? Oh lord, don't get me started on that. Upon going through her messages I have seen requests for naked pictures and asking if she would want to fuck...Seriously she is 13.

The way the girls and guys are talking to her and each other proves 13 is not yet a responsible age to have access to permanently posting information onto the internet. Girls her age are sending naked pictures of themselves to boys who in turn post them on Facebook or send them to their entire contact list... HELLO?!? Distributing child pornography much?

The language used is atrocious- I mean everyone sounds like a gangster, gonna kick someone's ass, this person is a hoe ( said of course by the girl who's profile pic is her  in a bikini). Very few of those kids can spell, I mean I almost understand how a second grade teacher has to look at the word 17 times and has to use context clues- it is that bad.

Was anyone else aware they had "quizzes" on Facebook. Yep they would make Cosmo herself blush. I have seen "When will you loose your virginity?" " Are your boobs big enough?" "Is your penis big?" the list is endless. Sadly to say they seem to be targeted at young teenagers. More than likely developed by a pedophile so they can gain access to the kid's photo's and jack off to them- DISGUSTING!!!

I have found numerous different pages for my daughter, each and everyone completely inappropriate, not just her but her "friends". These girls are putting themselves out there to show they have no self respect.  Because ya know a good guy wouldn't want you to just show off your awesome personality and your self respecting pictures, he wants to see those tiddies and that ass.*sarcam and dry heeves*

I have decided as punishment to post the above caption on her wall for all of her "friends" to see and to head off to GoodWill and purchase a new wardrobe, taking pictures of every Duggar looking outfit and posting it on her Facebook. This may be harsh, hate it if you will, but she needs to learn a lesson, end of story. I am also going to get a program to record passwords and webpages visited, I've had enough of this PI bullshit.
 Not to mention some of these people are friends of friends and who knows if its really a child, please do me a favor go through your kid's facebook, twitter, and texts. See what they are up to and if you need to step in...

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