Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paintball guns and the Duggars

My kids have this fascination with the Duggars. 5 begs for Jim Bob more often than cartoons- the kid loves it THAT much. They use the Duggars as a ploy to have another sibling, they have lots why can't we. I on the other hand use them as a discipline tool- if you are bad you will dress like a Duggar. They also don't drink and that shit will not happen around here..

Anyway a nice Sunday morning conversation with the kids in our bed turned to paintball guns. They want a family vs family paintball war. I told them it wouldn't happen because our family outnumbers the majority. Then the Duggar talk came into play. They think we could verse them. In all honesty we probably could, a few words out of 4's mouth and they would drop to their knees in prayer.

Then 3 had an idea. He said someone could yell out shit and scare them. After a few minutes of deliberation, it was decided that I should be the one to yell out shit because I say it beat...

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