Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Locked out naked..

The last few days have been a big bunch of ridiculousness, as always. As I am writing this I turn around to see 4 has been locked outside naked, AGAIN. I swear my kids begin their morning with a special meeting amonst themselves to plan secret missions to conquer my sanity.

I had to take 5 to the dentist to get his tooth filled, on the way there he informed me that if the dentist hurt him "shits gonna get real, folks". As we were waiting in the waiting room 5 told me " we should flee this bitch", and then greeted the hygentist and told her I said they were taking too long and that I said we should flee this bitch, maybe the kid is more evil than I give him credit for. Athough, yesterday I did find him letting the air out of 4's bike tires so he could watch him "fall on his bace (face)".

Now as I am writing this 4 has decided to use a car charger to floss his testicles, fortunately it was left behind. Either way the kid is nasty...The peeps at walmart look at me like I'm trying to cover up a crime scene when I go and buy 5 gallons of bleach, nope just gross kids.

I believe a person from the dentist may have read my blog (this is the old dentist still, already had an appointment for the filling), he felt the need to explain his reasoning for not installing a fake tooth. Maybe I went overboard, but to my defense I did wait a week before I blogged about it- if not I'm sure the police would've been involved. I was that mad. I'm almost ok now- I still hoped 5 would have bit him or puked in his lap or called him the tooth nazi- unfortunately he was working on the good kid. Next week is 4's chance, hehehe..

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