Friday, July 20, 2012

Grocery stores and crack whores...

A simple run to the grocery store can be so much fun... I had 4 with me and he's always two barrels of crazy.

First of all the kid wore this... Pic down below... Yes I let my kid wear mis matching ill-fitting flip flops, we were going to the hoosier grocery store. We have to at least try and fit in. His clothes were more than likely from yesterday, but whatever.

When we pulled into the parking lot he said "we have the most disgusting car in the world, let's park in front so everyone has to see it." I like this kid he comes up with some crazy stuff. So I obliged and left the windows open, secretly hoping someone would see some crap and take it to save me the work to clean that bitch out.

We were going along putting crap in the cart when we came upon my favorite aisle. Who can go through the grocery store and not stop in the dollar spot? Looking at the shit they have for a dollar amazes me... Medicines, feminine hygiene products, bug poison it's all great.

I picked up some hemroid cream and giggled. 4 asked me what it was and I told him it was for crack sores. He looked at it for a minute and said " if I had crack sores I wouldn't put that in my ass, it's only a dollar lets do this", and put it in the cart. The funny part of this is that he is 5 but still sounds about 3. To the neighboring aisle it sounded like "if I had CRACK WHORES I wouldn't put that in my ass, but it's only a dollar lets do this".

Immediately the other friendly shopper trucked over to see what was going on. After a brief explanation she laughed until she cried.

Then 4 saw the light bulbs. He informed me we could use Google to to make a project with light bulbs. For a dollar what the hell. He's searching right now, hopefully the project doesn't involve an explosion. And while I was gone 3 decided to ride the railing and detached it from the wall, I guess I have to patch and reattach before the hubs comes home- he doesn't take destruction very well.. Maybe a quaint trip to the er if 3 keeps limping around.

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