Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Evil curses and watermelons

Yesterday 4 informed me he was born because of an evil curse. I'm not gonna lie sometimes I feel that way too with all the bullshit the kid pulls. I told him it was more like a sperm and an egg.

4 not fully understanding what I meant immediately retrieved an egg from the fridge and spit on it. He handed to me and told me to eat it, so I could have another baby. I gave him a weird look and he said "what?!? You said a germ and an egg, spit has germs". Oh the cleverness and innocence of this child!!! Wore off pretty quick.

4 decided he wanted to have watermelon, I didn't want to cut it. Reports from the witnesses are pretty sketchy. The perp claims the watermelon just rolled out of the fridge. Other witnesses say he picked it up and threw it on the ground. The kid had a fork in his pocket so I'm assuming the act was premeditated...

I'm still not understanding my knee jerk reaction to asking why, but I do it. Upon asking the 4 child why. He told me "it had to be the evil curse because those germs on that egg really didn't make a baby". Clearly...


  1. Hahahaha! Germ and an egg! That is priceless!

  2. LOL! If that was the case, I would ban all eggs from ever entering our house!!!!