Friday, July 13, 2012

Be classy...

I'm not really sure why people have to be assholes. I was at the redbox tonight getting my movies like the rest of the poor folk of America. This kiosk is outdoors, there was a man behind me his bitch parked in a handicap spot right next to us. My mom is handicapped so this pissed me off in the first place.

I was getting my movies and this bitch out of nowhere honked her horn and told her man to tell me to hurry up. The guy, embarrassed apologized, I walked to her door and said"#1 your attitude is too ugly to bring that much attention to and #2 you really only need one hair color.
I'm fairly certain the boyfriend will be dumped because he was laughing his ass of as I walked back and finished my selection of movie rentals. The woman called me every curse word in the book, while I thought it was hilarious some broad would start a fight at the redbox. The crazy broad even threatened to kick my ass, while remaining in her car, obviously.

I grabbed my movies and as I passed by my car I told her I was classy, I fight with words, I only point out the truth, and all my teeth are intact, and I walked away. The boyfriend was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to fall over or possibly piss his pants, either way his shit is gonna be dumped.

Seriously, how important can a DVD be that you are going to start shit at a redbox... I bet her whole night is ruined now and I had an amazing laugh.
Tata, biotch...

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