Friday, June 8, 2012

Who took my bra???

Apparently scaring the shit out of the daughters boyfriend and embarrassing her didn't set well with that teenager... I went to get dressed this morning only to find all my bras were missing...

I looked around checked the girls room and nothing... Until I asked #4, he's been knows to use them as sling shots to terrorize the others. I was then informed someone put them on the trees. Oh good lord in heaven... I ran outside and sure enough they were lining the trees in the backyard. Teen daughter pointed to preteen daughter, but teen daughter had the majority of the votes so obviously she's the offending child. Now onto punishment... I think it's only fair for me to completely embarrass her by not wearing a bra in public today. Like I said before I'm not afraid of public humiliation in the name of my children...especially teaching those short people a lesson


  1. make sure it isnt a sports bra, remember! no matter how skinny you are, no sports bra should be worn without a tshirt over it....

  2. true story my friend, unfortunately the large ones at walmart do not believe the same, #4 has and will point it out EVERYTIME