Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, I offended you..I should probably cry but I'll just have a beer andlaugh

So I apparently made an offensive post on Facebook today, too bad right?
It was a conversation between #3 and I while driving, this is the 6th random question while trying to pull out onto a busy road..
#3: What's the red cross?
me: I don't know, they take your blood and give it to other people and other stuff..
#3: that's crazy..what else?
me: I don't know they are the Jehovah's of medicine..
I knew that would quiet the questioner...
Obviously I know that is questionable parenting, but honestly it was a truly great parenting moment for me because when I'm trying to concentrate, shut the fuck up is flashing in neon lights in my brain...
So after some feedback and being unfriended I guess I should say this:

Oh, I offended you...I should cry or care but I won't I'm going to have a beer and laugh...I'm not against the Red Cross or most religions except The Jehovah's, Christian Scientist's and the occasional Mormon.. If you knock on my door it is my right to harass you or question your motives, maybe you will write my address in your little prayer book saying stay the fuck away from this broad- one can dream, right.

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