Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nine to

Today has started out just grand. It is a war zone already and its not even noon. There has already been a food fight and #3 taught #4 and 5 to stab the bottom of water bottles with a fork to spray on each other. Curse words have been thrown about like someone just hit a Lexus with a golf club. A sword fight with fireplace tools and best of all, two were running down the same hall in opposite directions a head went into a gut and innards were released. Number 2 proclaimed that I should just sell #1 and buy twins because they would be less work and probably cuter, #1 didn't take it well and proceded to empty the closet of #2, while #2 was screaming "Mom"- Candace style (Phineas and Ferb). 

Although I haven't heard any chatter about disarming my sanity I think there is a plan in the works- I need to look around I bet they wrote it on paper. Good thing only 1 is an evil genius and the rest are his minions or I'd be totally screwed..

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