Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is this shit???

We were getting ready to leave for my niece's birthday party, of course checking to see if these kids have pants I stepped in something. My shoe was sort of sticking to the floor, with 5 kids it's kinda normal that a kid would randomly spill some sort of food or beverage onto the floor. I walked over to the sink to rinse my flip flop off only to notice it wasn't rinsing and saw it was brownish so, I grabbed a rag and wiped. I was thinking seriously is this crap, who would just crap on the floor? I reasoned myself into thinking all my kids have been potty trained for years, it must be chocolate. I wiped my shoe off and smelled it, nope not chocolate...

I proceeded to go bat shit crazy asking "who shit on the floor, oh good god" in between dry heaves. I took the rag to every kid and said "smell this, is this your shit, did you shit on the floor"? I was crazy and had shit on a rag, I'm pretty sure anyone would do the same, right? Well, none of those kids would smell the rag, they ran away like I was nuts. I brought the rag to the hubs,who was in the shower and completely unaware of the situation, to smell the rag and he said " yeah, that smells like shit".

After come recon and a little intel from #5 I find out that's it number 4, who never wears pants or wipes his ass. Apparently he pulled a shit and get and didn't care if it all dropped in the toilet. My life is glamorous, I know.

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