Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ding dong ditch... No more

Apparently the last kids who attempted to ding dong ditch didn't converse with the kids attempting it last night.

The last idiot barely teens who tried to ring the bell and ditch had another thing coming. Kids are absolute fucking morons these days, they must be afraid of the dark because these dipshits bring flashlights... I can't even joke about this, it's that true. Back in the day we hid from lights- street lights, headlights whatever it took to not be seen.

The last kids were just FUCKING DUMB, btw that was absolutely yelling.
I saw them and their scaredy light go to a house and then meet in the street numerous times... I timed it right and they came to my digs, they tried the doorbell , not realizing it didn't work and stayed there trying to ring the broken bell until I sprayed those bitches with water... I may be evil but what would you be, with a shit ton of kids crying because some ass thought it would be funny to ring the bell and run?

I saw these dumbass girls walking back and forth all evening long plotting...I knew they were up to no good. So I watched and I saw these morons run up and down the street laughing and meeting in my front yard several times, but at least they run DOWN and not into the street, good god boys are dumb. I was thinking I'm coming up soon, so excited-maybe they will pass on the god damn message...this bitch plays dirty. So I hid, hose in hand. When they dung I sprayed the hose into the air and one stupid girl said "Omg I think it's raining"... Yep it's a REAL coincidence it only rains when you ding the bell... I could hardly contain myself- they kept dinging and running and coming back because nobody came out. Finally this girls says " yeah I don't think they're home and you're probably right it's kind of raining". As they were leaving I busted out in laughter and walked out with the hose and thanked them for the laugh. I was then called "lame" "bitch" "old whore" and more. I just smiled and walked inside.

Some people just don't get how much fun being an adult can be. You are smart enough to know what's going on and clever enough to devise a plan for hilarious payback...

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